Jimmy is in love with a girl called Cumberland, but she does not love him back on account of him being a Thick Cunt.

Plus, what with her looking like miss luton 1972 with her big hair and her leopard skin swimsuits, anybody with half a brain can see this…

The menfolk went to the moon. Then they went a second time, and a third.

When the menfolk had nothing concrete to show for these trips, the womenfolk started to ask: ‘why do you keep going back to the moon when there is nothing there but dead rock and loneliness?’

Director: John Smith
Release Date: 26/01/21
Platform: Mubi

The citadel of British artist John Smith’s new film is one of capital: the City of London’s financial district with its sway over the actions of our political leaders and our personal lives — a fact that has undoubtedly led to many…

Kim North

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